1 thoughts on “Ep. 08 – Wizard Of Wor

  1. Nice work, Bob.

    Try to flip part of the script by going against what the manual says regarding taking on the Wizard in a long corridor. I believe this was referenced as #14 in the podcast at 00:38:20.

    In manual: “Standing in a long corridor when the Wizard is teleporting in can be quite risky. If he comes up in that corridor, he will have a clear shot at you.”

    Grab a bit of intestinal fortitude and use this risky strategy in the worrior’s favor by using the pre-freeze method mentioned in podcast.

    There’s a musical tempo when the wizard comes out. Play / position to the tempo. In a long corridor, fire a pre-freeze shot off and then immediately go down 1 grid. When the wizard / tempo get ready to recycle, repeat the pre-freeze process.

    Learning the wizard’s tempo and using the long corridor pre-freeze strategy will assist getting to the next level.

    Good luck!


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